IPL Hair Reduction

Having smooth, hair free skin is just an IPL appointment away!

Harnessing non-invasive IPL technology, we’re able to significantly reduce hair growth on the legs, face, arms, underarms, bikini area, and other parts of the body with our newest treatment on offer at Breathe. An IPL procedure works by utilising intense pulses of light energy to reduce unwanted hair growth using our ULTRALUX PRO device.

This light energy is absorbed by the pigment within your hair follicles, destroying hair-producing cells. With minimal discomfort and zero downtime, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is a quick and convenient way to ditch the razor & waxing for good.

A treatment series of 8 to 10 sessions is essential to achieve optimal results. A consultation and test patch is required before beginning your treatment series to ensure treatment suitability.


Can Everyone Have IPL Hair Reduction?

Not everyone is a candidate for laser or IPL hair reduction. The light that both methods emit is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair, which creates a targeted heat reaction, successfully ‘killing’ those hairs.

Blonde, grey or red hair does not contain the same amount of pigment, which means the heat reaction cannot be created. Skin colour can also be a factor in laser or IPL hair removal. The darker your skin tone, the more melanin (or pigment) you have. This means the laser cannot be targeted directly into the hair follicle, as it cannot differentiate between that pigment and the melanin in your skin.

Your beauty therapist at Breathe Skin Body Mind will assess your skin colour and tone, and can advise of a treatment plan or alternative hair removal methods.


How Many IPL Treatments will I Need?

As a general rule, 8-10 sessions of hair removal, followed by biannual or yearly maintenance visits will be all you will need. However, each individual’s hair growth is different, so we cannot guarantee the amount of treatments needed.


How Often do I need to get IPL?

Depending on your hair density and area being treated, the time between sessions will vary. The time between treatments is 4-8 weeks. Your Breathe beauty therapist will give you an accurate treatment plan during your test patch & consultation.


Why do I need multiple IPL Sessions?

The hair all over our body is constantly shredding and regrowing. At any given time, the hairs on our body will be a mixture of actively growing, and hairs which are about to shed to make way from new growth, which look the same to the naked eye.

IPL will only be effective on hairs which are actively growing. Because of this, with each session you will begin to notice your hair become ‘patchier’ in the treated area. Multiple sessions allow all hairs actively growing to be treated successfully.


How do I prepare for IPL Permanent Hair Reduction?

4 weeks prior:

  • For people who are used to constantly shaving the area that they are treating with IPL, a wax 3-4 weeks prior to their first laser treatment is recommended. This is to ensure the hairs coming through at your first treatment are in the ‘active’ growth phase and will be effectively treated. This step is optional but guarantees a good result.
  • If you have been normally shaving the area, you can continue to do this right up until the night before your first IPL session.
  • Avoid sun tanning.


3 weeks prior:

  • AVOID waxing, tweezing or bleaching the area. If there are any unwanted hairs before your treatment, you can SHAVE.


The day before:

  • Thoroughly shave the area. IPL requires hair in the follicle, but not over the surface of the skin.

If you have used fake tan, ensure it is thoroughly removed in the area to be treated.


The day of: Do not apply perfumes, deodorants, fake tan, body lotion or any potential irritants on the area being treated.


IPL Treatment Aftercare

After your treatment:

  • Expect your skin to be sensitive and a little red. This is because treated follicles have been heated and the area may be inflamed for up to 3 days.
  • Use Medisoothe Gel to relieve and replenish skin. This may be used on the face & body after all hair removal treatments.
  • You can also use a covered, cold compress to help reduce swelling if present. This is normal and expected.
  • After showering only pat dry your treated areas and do not rub to avoid excess irritation.
  • Avoid sun exposure, hot showers, spas, saunas, exercise and any activity that may create heat in the skin for 48 hours.
  • Wear clothing and sunscreen to protect your treated areas from direct sun exposure. Be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. This is very important for your skin’s health and to ensure the success of your remaining treatments.
  • Once your skin is no longer sensitive, you may notice some hair growth coming through. This is not new growth, but rather your skin shedding the hairs which were in the follicle during your treatment.
  • 1 week after your treatment, lightly exfoliate with a mitt (do not use any chemical exfoliation). You will notice the ‘dead’ hairs, which were treated in your session begin to fall out of the follicle. This is a great result from your IPL treatment.

IPL Treatments


IPL Test Patch | $55
IPL Back | $95
IPL Bikini | $39
IPL Brazilian | $69
IPL Chest | $95
IPL Chin | $29
IPL Half Arm | $69
IPL Full Arm | $80
IPL Half Leg | $80
IPL Full Leg | $130
IPL Sides Of Face | $39
IPL Top Lip | $29
IPL Underarms | $49 

For all Treatments BOOK ONLINE or Call 0400 592 483


Prepay and save 10%

 IPL Bikini x 8 $280
IPL Brazilian x 8 $496
IPL Underarm x 8 $352
IPL Full Leg x 8 $936
IPL Half Leg x 8 $576
IPL Full Arm x 8 $576
IPL Half Arm x 8 $496
IPL Chin x 8 $208
IPL Lip x 8 $208
IPL Side of Face x 8 $280
IPL Back x 8 $684
IPL Chest x 8 $684

For all Treatments BOOK ONLINE or Call 0400 592 483