Skin Treatments


WE love skin! We`re seriously crazy about it and we want you to love your skin, too!

If you have problem skin, or questions about pigmentation, sun damage, acne, dryness and irritation, oiliness, ageing – or anything else – you can book a Breathe Skin Body Mind $75 in-salon or online skin consultation.

You don’t even have to leave your lounge room!

Just fill out our skin consultation questionnaire, snap a couple of good photos of your skin and you’ll receive expert advice and product recommendations.

And what’s even more amazing – if you purchase any skincare products from Breathe Skin Body Mind, you’ll receive your $75 back in product vouchers! * Conditions apply

*All skin consultation bookings incur a cost of $75.00. Customers who purchase products within 14 days of their skin analysis will receive a $75 voucher to spend on those products. Clients who do not purchase products within 14 days will not be entitled to a product voucher.

In Salon – Start your skin journey 30 MINS

Virtual – Start your skin journey 30 MINS

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Skin magic does exist with our Radiance Enzyme Peel Facial! This skin-transforming peel uses the combination of two potent exfoliating enzymes; Bromelain and Papain from Pineapple Stems and the Papaya Tree to gently exfoliate the skin, eliminate redundant skin cells giving the skin an instant glow.

See immediate results as the white cream peel transforms into soft gold as it gets to work!

Your facial includes a deep cleanse, power exfoliation, radiance enzyme peel, brightening mask, customied moisturiser and spf to complete.



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The Signature Facial offers serious, corrective skin treatments that target specific skin concerns using a series of Enzyme, Peptide, and Acid Peels. The facials will work to achieve cell optimisation, skin health and ultimately skin youth. A course of treatments once a week for 6-8 weeks will charge the cells and rebalance their activity while a monthly maintenance treatment keeps them on track.

The Signature Facial treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a customised peel and an alginate rubber mask that goes on like cake-batter and peels off in one to instantly cool and soothe, tighten enlarged pores, improve blood circulation, and increase oxygen supply to improve skin health, complexion, and radiance.


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Our Corrective Facial is a luxurious treatment designed to rejuvenate and renew your skin. This two-step facial combines the power of both chemical and mechanical exfoliation to effectively remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

Our Multi-Layered Peel treatment is an intensive exfoliation that can combine enzymes, peptides, fruit acids, alpha and beta hydroxy acids to deeply penetrate the skin and remove stubborn impurities. Together, this two step peel works in harmony to leave your skin looking and feeling renewed, refreshed, and revitalized. Whether you’re looking to reduce signs of aging, improve your skin’s texture and tone, or simply pamper yourself with a luxurious facial treatment, our Corrective Facial is the perfect choice.

Including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, customised peels, alginate mask, hydrator and spf to complete.


60 mins


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Combining the power of cosmetic science and the nature of skin physiology, explore the many benefits of our customisable Lymphatic O-Biome Oxygen Therapy treatment.

The Oxygen Powder, packed with amino acids, proteins and minerals work hand-in-hand with the customised activators to create a lavish lymphatic compression experience, ultimately strengthening the skins micro biome and immunity.

The potent activators harness botanical blends of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with four different skin concerns to treat: Lift and Firm, Collagen booster, Clear skin and Bright skin.

Your treatment includes a deep cleanse, oxygenating peel, lymphatic massage, oxygen powder setting mask, foot and leg massage, hydrator and spf to complete.


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The LED Glow Facial will give those cells time to recharge and function to their best. Your treatment includes an enzyme peel to prep the skin, a hydrating collagen mask and LED light therapy session. Great for an instant pick me up if your time poor.



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A wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental well-being. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and your being empowered.

The ultimate fusion of skin science and heart and soul, the professional only ‘Mindfulness Treatment Sessions’ were created to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mind. This scientific yet indulgent mindfulness facial treatment is guaranteed to calm the mind and body, refresh and awaken the skin, a holistic combination like no other.

 Created to treat more than just skin, the Mindfulness Sessions acknowledge that life is busy, people are time poor and that often there is little time left for self-love. The heart-skin connection, known in studies as the correlation between our emotional state and the state of our skin, means feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and even self-worth can lead to skin inflammation, deep lines, wrinkles, dull and devitalised skin.




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Epiblading is a deep exfoliating process that uses a surgical blade to remove surface debris, dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), leaving the skin with a smoother, healthier glow! Not only will this treatment increase your product absorption but will also provide a smooth, even base for your makeup to glide over.

Your treatment includes a deep cleanse, epiblading, fruit enzyme peel, hydro jelly mask, moisturiser and spf to complete.



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For those short of time and not wanting the full facial experiance, Express Epiblading is the perfect choice.

Epiblading is a deep exfoliating process that uses a surgical blade to remove surface debris, dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), leaving the skin with a smoother, healthier glow! Not only will this treatment increase your product absorption but will also provide a smooth, even base for your makeup to glide over.

Your treatment includes a deep cleanse, epiblading, moisturiser and spf to complete.


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Concerned about fine lines, acne scars and pigmentation? Skin Needling is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment which aims to tighten and improve skin imperfections with little to no downtime.

At Breathe we choose to offer treatments using the best device available, Dermapen4. This is a medical device using very fine needles to break down old scar tissue and promote skin cell proliferation. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers, as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply. Dermapen4 Skin Needling is suitable for most skin types and has multiple benefits.

Benefits of Skin Needling

  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Pore Size Reduction
  • Hyper-Pigmentation/Sun Damage
  • Reduction of Wrinkles, including Deep Lines
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scarring

Areas for Skin Needling include, but not limited to – Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Stomach, Back, Inner Thighs, scars, scalp.



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The WiQo Lifting and Brightening peel is an advanced and unique treatment that includes in salon treatments as well as a prescribed at home protocol. The aim of the treatment is to continue to support your skin in the restorative process over the whole course of the treatment which helps achieve long lasting results. The result is smoother and firmer skin that is noticeable after the first treatment.

The standard full course of the WiQo treatment involves 5 in clinic treatments, every 7 – 10 days combined with at home care protocol in between treatments. The effects last up to 8 months before another course is recommended.

This treatment is perfect for those looking for skin treatments that don’t involve needles and is non-invasive.

Who is this treatment suited for?

This treatment is a great option for a variety of skin concerns such as:

  • Photodamaged, wrinkled, lax and dull skin
  • Loss of facial contour definition
  • Prevention of loss in elasticity
  • Skin texture improvement

The WiQo treatment is a three-step process that begins with applying a massage technique that activates the process within your skin that creates brightness and uplift. This is followed by an at home protocol that continues to support your skin’s regeneration in between treatments.

Essentially the Wiqo treatment is 3 simple steps:

Activate Stimulation. This is your in clinic treatment. The treatment is applied to the skin to stimulate the skin and start repair process. Results are noticeable immediately after the first treatment. You will notice you skin appears smoother and firmer (the full course will need to be completed for long term results).

Nourish & Protect. You will be provided with the WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising Cream which is a thick cream that is applied to the treated area. This helps with dryness and to soothe the skin. This at home care treatment occurs in between your in clinic treatments.

Continue the Stimulation. The WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid is added to your treatment and is applied as part of your daily home care protocol.This step stimulates your skin on a daily basis and retains the ongoing skin restorative process that was activated as part of the in clinic treatment.

What are the advantages of WiQo Lifting & Brightening program

Immediate lifting and brightening effect

The WiQo Three Step Lifting and Brightening Programme ultimately helps the skin become smoother, brighter and silkier. The treatment naturally improves the skin tone and there is a noticeable lifting effect (due to dermal volume enhancement) that is evident immediately after the first treatment. This lifting effect is retained long term after the full course of five treatments is completed.

Minimal discomfort

As mentioned, this treatment is non-invasive and does not involves needles. The treatment itself feels very tingly on the skin, however it is very enjoyable with the specific massage technique that is used as part of treatment application.

Minimal downtime

Some flaking and dryness may occur on the skin. The home treatment protocol which includes a thick and nourishing face cream will soothe and help with any dryness. As a result, this treatment has minimal downtime and can be used all year round, even during summer!



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Cosmelan is an advanced depigmenting peel system for clients who suffer from pigmentation, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, melasma, and texture irregularities. Cosmelan both corrects the skin by accelerating skin turnover, removing melanin accumulation and reducing the amount of melanin formed as well as regulating the source of pigmentation by blocking the melanin from penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. This two-fold process when combined with dedicated preparation and aftercare will lead to a significant reduction of all types of skin pigmentation, increased skin luminosity and collagen production, and a more even skin tone.


Cosmelan is used to treat:

  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Brown post-acne marks
  • Sunspots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Aging skin
  • Rough or dry texture


How it works
Cosmelan® targets every stage of spot formation. It has excellent results, both short and long term due to its dual action mechanism: corrective + regulatory.

Using a unique combination of active ingredients, it visibly treats the spot, while promoting skin resilience to help prevent the appearance of future skin discoloration.

Cosmelan package includes:

  • Consultation to check eligibility of treatment
  • Cosmelan application in-salon
  • 3 month supply of Cosmelan Home Skincare Kit
  • LED session & Crystal Fiber Mask treatment 3 days after application.
  • Complimentary monthly check in via salon visit or phone.



Day 1 Application of Cosmelan 45 MINS | $1399

Day 3 – LED Session 45 MINS | $75

Cosmelan® Brightening Facial 50 MINS | $160

Cosmelan® Lactic 30% Peel 45 MINS | $145

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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 20 minutes
After abit of extra soul soothing during your facial? Lets begin with a back, neck & shoulder massage.

Collagen Mask 
Enhance your LED Light Therapy session with the added benefit of a hydrating collagen mask.

Collagen Eye Treatment
Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, plump and firm the delicate eye area with our O No Baggage Native Collagen Eye Masks. Add on to all facials, epiblading, skin needling and even while relaxing during your pedicures.

Foot Scrub & Massage
Scrub the days worries away with a foot scrub and massage. Soft feet. Yes please!

LED Light Therapy
LED Light therapy treatment delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. This machine emits UV free beneficial light rays that energise cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate new cells. It helps increase collagen and elastin production, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to restore skin’s youthful appearance.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy 

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and other skin ailments, such as rosacea by deeply penetrating the skin and promoting growth of new skin cells
  • LED Light Therapy for skin benefits acne by fighting off and killing the bacteria under your skin
  • Led light therapy facial helps to reduce cosmetic skin issues, like stretch marks and wrinkles


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